How to Lose Weight without workout

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

How to Lose Weight without workout

There are many weight loss blogs posts, quick tips, and 15 days diet plans etc. Do you think these weight loss plans really work? Or it is a myth? I have presented some of my observations that will help you. If you are one of those who want to lose your weight without putting effort, then this blog is not for you. But if you are the one who is determined, willing, passionate and decided to churn your extra fat, if you are the one who promises to yourself with continuous efforts and willing to work out daily to lose weight, and if you are the one who is searching online all those dieting plans without workout with consistent practice you will make yourself lose weight, then this article is for you.

I have done some research on weight loss by reading various blog post online and visiting many health tasty diet plans on websites. Reading most of the articles about lose weight without gym and blogs published by various fitness experts and by some of the famous writers.

some blogs by visiting some weight loss posts and tips and tricks to lose weight but I believe that rather working on these it is better to follow a consistent workout along with a proper diet continuously for at least 6 months to one year to see a considerable amount of transformation in your weight lose journey.

First thing I have done to reduce my weight was to become passionate about myself, determined to lose weight, with full motivation, follow a rigorous diet plan. The best way is to start with a simple and easy to follow a diet plan. I think this is the only way I have with me at the moment to reduce my weight.

My weight loss journey started when I was 47 years and realised that this is a perfect time, speaking to myself “Now or Never”, this is how I started my weight loss journey.

I kept a target for myself to reduce at least 5 kg within 60 days. And the following workout doing continuously for 60 days.

1. Workout for Weight loss

You must have a purpose to lose your weight. Once you are determined and passionate about your weight loss journey, you have to create a basic workout plan along with a simple diet plan for yourself.

The best way to start your journey by following one of the simplest diet plans………….. along with consistent walking for at least 30 minutes in the morning is good. If you don’t have time in the early morning, you can use your lunchtime and do some walking.

Start walking in the office corridor or instead of using the elevator, lift, try to use steps till you are comfortable to climb the step. and then you can take the lift but remember that first 15 days don’t exert yourself too much try to be comfortable while walking.

This will increase your metabolism which further burns some calories also. Use a simple diet plan which is low in carb.

You must be consistent if you are serious to reduce your weight. Later once you are consistent with walking try to start with exercises also which includes, stretching, jogging, etc.

First, start with walking for at least 30 minutes daily. Along with you can select the diet plan suggested in this blog.

2. Select low carb diet

A basic diet plan helps to start your healthy diet menu. You can start with low carb, less sugar diet plan. Initial diet plan menu which includes low carb food, low sugar, more liquid and 3 meal diet plan (breakfast, lunch, diner). These diet plans are healthy for your body and also tasty plan.

Eating is not bad but eating the right quantity of food your body needs is most important. This is the basic healthy diet plan you can start with this.

You must be determined to lose weight without workout and a basic diet plan. Once you plan your weight loss journey start by reducing sugar and food which are high in starch like bread, potatoes etc. I understand that it is very difficult to stop eating sugar immediately. You can reduce sugar eating slowly. If you search on the web you will find a number of ideas for weight loss diet plan. Even modern research has proven these simple methods.

Start by following this diet plan

a) Breakfast

b) Lunch

c) Dinner

3. To lose weight you must eat only when you are Very Hungry

Bungie eating has become a habit even when you are not hungry. Try to eat only when you are very hungry or if you feel you cannot live without eating. Eating too much carbohydrate foods may affect your weight, so try to eat fewer carb foods. Without being hungry most of the time we start eating especially while enjoying our favourite shows on Television. Avoid munching food while watching in front of a TV or enjoying your favourite show on Netflix.

4. Reduce dairy products to lose weight

Dairy products like cheese, cream we tend to munch even though we are not hungry but tempted by the juicy taste of creams.

5. Sleep and take less stress

Living a stress-free life is near to impossible these days. Especially during this pandemic, the stress level has risen almost to every human. Instead of watching mobile phones for long hours is stressful for our eyes and indirectly affect our sleep also. Try to finish your tasks and sleep so that you can get adequate 8 to 9 hours of continuous sleep.

Mostly people face lack of sleep, due to late night checking the status and posts on Instagram, Facebook and even WhatsApp chat. Try to take at least 8 hours of sleep.

Sleep deprivation also increases sugar cravings and adversely affect.

Stop using Alcohol
Stop using Alcohol

6. Stop using Alcohol

Consuming alcohol is harmful to your body. Due to a large number of toxins consumed it may take a long time for your body to detoxify. It is best if you avoid consuming any alcohol products, apart from the recommendation of your doctors.


Try to do some meditation. Meditation helps to develop more focus and also calm your mind.


Losing weight is not a one day work. You must create short term goals for 12 months. For example, set a goal of 2 kg of weight loss every month. With the basic dieting plan and workout, you will be able to reduce at least 7 to 10 kg by the end of 12-month weight lose goal set by you.

Written by Sanjay Sharma

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